Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: How do I get my ballot?

A: Every active status registered voter will automatically be mailed a ballot in the first week of October – there is no need to apply.  To check your registration status or address, you can contact the Passaic County Superintendent of Elections at (973) 881-4515, or register for your online voter profile account at so you can check your registration and track your ballot status at any time.

Q: What if I don’t get a ballot, or I lost my ballot? 

A: If you don’t receive a ballot by October 10th, you should contact the Passaic County Clerk Elections Division at (973) 881-4127.  October 23rd is the deadline to request a new ballot.  If there is a problem with your registration or address on file, October 13th is the deadline to update your registration. You can now also register to vote or update your voting address online at

Q: How do I complete the ballot?

A: 1) Using a blue or black pen, completely fill in the circle next to each candidate with the letter A in their ballot position to vote for the entire Democratic Ticket.  These will be the top candidate for President/Vice-President, Senate and Congress, and the top TWO candidates for Freeholder.  Check your ballot to see if there are local elections in your town and be sure to vote for your local Democrats as well. 

    2) Put your completed ballot in the small envelope with the Voter Certificate flap, but DON’T TEAR   OFF THE FLAP!  Seal the ballot inside the envelope.

   3) Write your name and address on the flap.  Carefully sign your signature, as it has to match how you signed when you registered to vote.

   4) Seal the small envelope inside the larger return envelope, which is addressed to the Passaic County Board of Elections and includes prepaid postage.

   5) Return your ballot by placing it in the mail, or placing it in a secure drop-box, located at:
  • Passaic County Administration building - 401 Grand St., Paterson.
  • Clifton City Hall – 900 Clifton Ave., Clifton
  • Passaic City Hall – 330 Passaic St., Passaic
  • Ringwood Borough Hall – 60 Margaret King Ave., Ringwood
  • Wayne Municipal Complex – 475 Valley Rd., Wayne
You also have the option to hand in your ballot at your designated polling place in the county on Election Day. Please note that you can only hand in your own ballot at Election Day polling places, not anyone else’s, and no one else can hand yours in there either.


Q: Can I vote early in person?

A: You can complete an early paper ballot in person beginning October 5th by visiting the Passaic County Clerk at 401 Grand Street in Paterson - Monday-Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm.  Additional evening and weekend hours may be available closer to Election Day.  Make sure to bring photo ID that matches the address where you are registered to vote.

Q: Can I vote in person on Election Day?

A: Returning your Vote by Mail Ballot is the easiest and safest way to vote this year, but in case you are unable to obtain a ballot, you lose your ballot, or have other issues preventing you from voting by mail, a limited number of polling places will be open from 6am-8pm on Tuesday, November 3rd where you can vote in person.  Please note that all in person votes will be cast using provisional paper ballots.  Voting machines will be available only for voters with disabilities prohibiting them from completing a paper ballot.  Your polling place may have temporarily changed for this election.  All voters will be mailed a card indicating where they can vote on Election Day if necessary. 

Q: Can someone else deliver my ballot for me?

A: Yes, but to do so they must be a registered voter in NJ, and they must sign the “Bearer” section at the bottom left of the return envelope.  Any Bearer can transport a maximum of three ballots besides their own.  They must sign the envelope in your presence, and then personally place the ballot in the mail or an official drop box, or deliver to the Board of Elections.  Bearers are not allowed to drop off ballots at polling places on Election Day, you can only drop off your own ballot there.    


Q: How do I know if my ballot was received?

A: You can call the Passaic County Board of Elections at (973) 881-4780 to check your ballot status, or use the online voter profile portal to track your ballot at .

Q: How do I know if my ballot was counted?

A: Once your ballot is confirmed as received, the Board of Elections will verify your signature on the Voter Certificate flap on the inside envelope.  If the signature matches, the vote will be counted with no further action needed.  If the signature is missing, or does not match your signature on file, they will mail you a form to update your signature and affirm your identity, and once this is returned your ballot will be counted.